Compressor ES660

73,00 EUR
Compressor ES660

Compressor ES660

73,00 EUR

The ES660 Elite Compressor is ideal for the casual artist who has low productions, such as:

Small scale cars (eg helmets, motorcycle tanks, etc.)
fine arts
Small scale handicrafts (small objects decoration, scrapbooking, etc.) << br> Make-up - Small scale modeling
Pint face
cakes shop
Nail decoration
The compressor is compact, reliable and silent. With automatic stop and automatic start function

Maintenance free, compressor with oil-free air piston
Auto stop and automatic start function
Humidity filter

On /
Auto-on / Off: Reduced run-time means less engine wear and reduces moisture related to the engine. heat and longer compressor life. Air-On-Demand: Designed to work when you do this, it produces all the airflow when you require it. It shuts off automatically when you do not use.
Low noise: very quiet, only 50 db.
Accepts airbrushes with a nozzle of 0.15 to 0.5 mm
Maximum continuous working time: half an hour . Note: In normal airbrushing jobs, the modeler often stops to mask, change color, etc. These small stops allow the compressor to not heat and thus can work with it for many hours in a row.
Type: Single Cylinder Compressor
Power: 1/8 HP
Voltage: 220 -230V / 50HZ
Air Delivery: 13-15 liters / minute
Connections: 1/8 inch
Dimensions: 16cm x 8cm x 16cm
Weight: 2.1 Kg
Certificate : CE, GS, ROHS, ETL, CETL